Planning a Bucks on the Gold Coast

Your Guide To Throwing The Best Bucks Ever

Let’s see, your best mate finally popped the question, and you’ve been given the honour of being the best man? Congratulations to you!

A wedding is one of the most significant events in someone’s life. As the best man, a bucks party is usually an even bigger celebration – and the job falls on your shoulders. An event normally organised to entertain the groomsmen, rather than the groom-to-be himself, nailing the bucks party is not an easy feat.

Many responsibilities are bestowed upon the best man:

  • Organise the whole bachelor party
  • Make sure the lads are entertained
  • Keep everyone (yes, even the bride) happy 

Sounds like a lot of pressure? Where do you even start? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

The party experts at Group Transport Australia got your back. 

We’ve tastefully curated some outstanding bucks party ideas and top tips for you to consider, ensuring that your party is memorable. Read on to find your perfect bucks party itinerary of a lifetime.

How To Plan A Bucks Party?

Planning anything can be overwhelming, let alone your mate’s bachelor party! But like everything, with some organisation and smart steps, we will help you ace it.

Steps to organising a bucks party:

Quick chat with the groom

You don’t have to keep every detail of the bucks weekend a secret from its VIP Guest. If you want to throw the groom the best party ever, consulting the groom is very important. Catch up with him beforehand and ask him what kind of party he likes (or allowed to have!). Remember, there’s a big difference between recreating The Hangover in Bangkok and a fishing trip up the river with the boys.

Create the guest list

Look, not everyone is invited to this party. Sometimes the groom wants only his closest mates, and at times all family members are banned. When you catch up with the groom to go over the party plans, let him help you pick the guest list as well. No one likes nasty surprises at parties, and especially not this one. After all, letting his future father-in-law see his drunken party ways might not be his cup of tea.

Eyes on the budget

Unless the boys want to, don’t expect them to max out their credit cards at this party. Start a group chat or text, and get everyone to give you the range on what they can afford before you start choosing destinations and considering luxury packages. Remember, some guys are tight with the budget as they might have a family to look after, so work within everyone’s means as much as possible.

Set the date and location

Best tip: plan this around three months before your party. This gives all guests the time to take time off work or shuffle around their agendas. Once money and time are out of the way, time to pick your transport and location! Be mindful of the travel restrictions, plus you don’t need to leave your own backyard to have a good time. 

Bonus: we’ve rounded up the best bucks party ideas to help you out below.

The Ultimate Destination For Your Bucks Party In Australia

Preparing for the final night of freedom and spending quality time with your mates before they tie the knot requires a unique destination, one that is sure to please everyone. 

Think golden sands, sparkling coastlines, ancient rainforests and glitzy parties. It is no wonder why Australians have picked Gold Coast as the ultimate bucks territory.

Why Gold Coast?

The thrilling combination of sun, sea and nightlife makes it the perfect choice for your mates looking to kick back in fashion. Gold Coast has so much to offer when it comes to entertaining activities for a bucks weekend. 

Yes, what happens in Gold Coast stays in Gold Coast. 

It’s a place where getting wild is not just allowed, it’s actually encouraged. Outdoors, food, surf, and endless parties – it has something for everyone. 

To make your life a little easier, we’ve prepared a 5-day itinerary that will make your planning a breeze.

Your Ultimate Gold Coast Bucks Party Itinerary

There are literally 999,999 things to do in Gold Coast. Whether your groom is an adrenaline lover, party boy, foodie or just wants to soak in some sun – Gold Coast is the all-encompassing hub. 

So hop on the party bus, and let’s go on an adventure together!

Catch A Bucket of Fun With A Fishing Charter

Day 1: 

Get dropped off at a jetty and be ready to experience the satisfaction of catching your own lunch with your closest mates over a few beers. This is one expedition you should splurge on. Not only would it make for an awesome bucks party, it’s also a fantastic group activity. A 9-hour deep-sea expedition will set you back around $2500. While it may look a little pricey, it’s manageable once you split the costs.

Go-Karts For Your Life

Day 2: 

While many bucks party shenanigans may break your bank, this one certainly won’t. 

A classic on its own, go-kart during the day always starts everything off with a great adrenaline rush. Burn around on Slideways Go Karting in Nerang or Extreme Karting in Pimpama, this is guaranteed to get your mates’ competitive juices flowing, and we cannot think of a more perfect bonding activity.
Go-Kart Bus Transfers

Axe Throwing in Miami

After something a little unusual for your bucks party? Give axe-throwing a go! It’s raw, primitive, and your mates will embrace it all. Almost as competitive as go-karting, this activity includes proper guidance, training, and a good time. Beware: bragging rights will be gained, friendships will be strengthen, and tensions will be high for this one.

Golf Is The Word

Day 3:

Home to more than 30 remarkable international standard golf courses, a trip to the course is not to be missed. From RACV Royal Pines Golf Course in Surfers Paradise to Emerald Lakes Golf Club in Carrara, find one suitable for all levels and ace another beautiful, sunny day in Gold Coast.

Plus, golfing is pretty much four hours of drinking out in the field with your mates. What’s not adventurous about that?
Golf Bus Hire

Turf Club, Best Dressed

Day 4:

Is there anything you can’t do in Gold Coast? The answer is: no.

And you certainly don’t need to wait for spring to get your racing spirits on at the Gold Coast Turf Club! From lavish champagne to gourmet cuisine and beers on the greens, bring your best suit and get ready for some horsey action, and celebrate your bucks in style. A fun day at the races promises a whole lot of live-action to watch your lucky pick bring home a win. 
Gold Coast Turf Club Transport

Sporting Day Out

Day 5:

Australia is a nation of sports lovers, and truer words have never been spoken! From watching the surfing pros tackle the waves at Gold Coast Open to NRL Final in Brisbane (an hour from Gold Coast), to V8 Supercars in Surfers Paradise – Queensland is home to some of the most thrilling sporting events in Australia. Gather your bucks crew, and get ready for a full day of excitement. Tip: keep the season in mind, and don’t forget the teams that the groom barracks for.

How to Organise Bucks Party Transport in Gold Coast

With your itinerary set and ready to go, it’s time to arrange for transportation for any activities on the menu. No one should drink and drive, so drunk driving will not be on your excursion list.

Want to get picked up from your hotel and dropped off at the golf club, jetty and every bar along the way on your itinerary? Maybe you want to hop from Surfers Paradise to Brisbane for the NRL? Not a problem. At Group Transport Australia, it is our job to make your bucks trip a flawless one.

  1. When requesting a quote, we will ask for your pickup and drop-off locations, your brief itinerary and times. 
  2. Haven’t finalised guest numbers? That’s fine. We’ll need to know if you have a small or a large group. 
  3. Depending on the length of your trip, we’ll need to know if you are travelling in the Gold Coast area, as some longer trips are calculated per day or kilometre.
  4. Season is key! If you haven’t set a date, we suggest booking a party bus at least a few months before to secure availability and get the most out of your budget.

Choose from the standard charter buses or party buses that are fully decked out like a nightclub with a dance pole in the middle, your options are endless with Group Transport Australia.

Why choose Group Transport Australia?

Don’t choose us simply because we’re the best. Choose us because we deliver these values:

1. Low price guarantee

2. Fast quote turnaround

3. Quick and easy booking process

4. Friendly local drivers take you where you want to go

Be the best bucks party planner. Get your quote from us.

Enjoy your bucks party with your mates and be stress-free. 

We’ll organise the transport for your bucks party in Gold Coast, and you do what you do best – have fun.

For your no-obligation quote, get in touch today.

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