Must-Visit Hindu Temples in Sydney

Sacred places are consecrated, as are weddings. Sacred places are not just a spot for love, but rather a spot overflowing with rich culture and information and keeping in standard with Indian practices.

Couples, who wish to have a calm wedding, favor Indian Hindu Temple Weddings without making it excessively fantastic or rich by accepting sincere service’s effortlessness. 

Hindu sacred places in Sydney are the home of gods, and most couples love to begin another period of their life by looking for the gifts of God. In this way, if you have decided on keeping it basic and favor a temple wedding, at that point, these are a portion of the charming Hindu sacred places in Sydney to actualize your fantasies. 

1. Sydney Murugan Temple

A temple exclusively devoted to Lord Murugan-the Tamil God of war, the Sydney Murugan temple is quite possibly the most preferred wedding objection in Sydney. Sited on Mays slopes, the glorious engineering highlighting complicated plans of the idols, the quiet reciting of the clerics and the otherworldly vibe makes it an ideal objective if you extravagant are getting married in a devout climate. 

At Sydney Murugan temple, Hindu weddings with up to 600 visitors can be led at the Marquee, set outside the temple. Appreciate the wedding function inside the social corridor found simply behind the temple, and upon demand, you can profit offices like suppers, given by Saiva Manram and sound framework. The social corridor will be the ideal spot if you have up to 200 invitees. During celebration periods, guests shouldn’t leave the vehicles before carports. 

Located at: 217 Great Western Highway, Mays Hill NSW 2145, Australia 

Temple Timings: Saturday to Thursday – 7 am to 8.30 pm; Fridays – 7 am to 9 pm.

Every day Pooja Times: 

Morning – 7 am to 10 am 

Noon – 12 Noon 

Evening – 5 pm to 7 pm 
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2. Shri Ram Krishna temple

Popularly known as Shri Ram Krishna temple has idols of Lord Ram, Goddess Sita, Lord Hanuman, Lord Laxman, Goddess Radha, Lord Krishna, and Lord Shiva. The temple is famous for holding a faithful wedding function. Austral Mandir generally has weddings of Fiji Indians. 

The reciting of mantras and crashing of ringers whereby the Hindu clerics directing the wedding ceremonies will inject the devout function with sanctification will be unmatched. The vast bordering lobby can oblige a soiree of up to 500 visitors. The temple offers a good parking spot. You can tweak the enrichments and game plans if you wish to proceed with Austral mandir. 

Located at: 1-3 Tasha Pl, Kings Park NSW 2148, Australia 

Timings: Monday to Friday – 6 am to 10:30 am, and 4 pm to 8:30 pm; 

Saturday and Sunday – 7 am to 10 am, and 4 pm to 8 pm 
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3. Shri Venkateswara Temple

Set amid the clamoring city of Helensburgh, overflowing with characteristic magnificence, Sri Venkateswara temple adds to its old-world appeal, upgrading the air of the entire city. 

You can likewise benefit from cooking administrations to solemnize your serene festivals. Actualize your fantasy about getting hitched at Shri Venkateshwara temple, which can delight the extravagant couples getting hitched in this devout objective. 

Inside the temple, the weddings are led at the Marquee set straight behind Lord Shiva’s Shrine, sticking to Hindu strict customs. It can oblige up to 600 visitors. You can likewise benefit from catering offices, either from the temple container or from an external perspective. Re-warming, gas ovens, food serving zones, and cold rooms other than different offices are a portion of the temple’s conveniences.

Weddings stick to Hindu strict practices, whereby the Hindu ministers of the temple direct the ceremonies. You can tweak the enhancements and courses of action if you extravagant get hitched at this temple. Wreaths are newly made inside the temple, which you can profit, for your wedding. The temple offers a great parking spot around the temple. The vehicles should just be left at the assigned leaving regions. 

Helensburgh is one of the popular Hindu sacred place on the equator’s southern side and is held in adoration by all devotees. The temple is based on the top of a sloping zone 400 feet above ocean level. The temple has four ‘Praharam’ (circling passageways. Helensburgh is a regular excellence position with slopes and forests encompassing it where Lord Balaji (Sri Venkateswara) with Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Shiva (Shri Chandramouliswarar) alongside Sri Tripurasundari stayed here offering their approval to the enthusiasts. The Construction of Sri Venkateswara Temple began in 1978 when a little gathering of individuals had a dream to fabricate a Hindu temple as per Vedic standards (Agama Sastras). They chose this holy site in Helensburgh because “it is said the divine beings consistently play where forests are, close to waterways, mountains, and springs and in towns with delight – gardens ” – Brihatsamhita. 

Hindu customs perform weddings at the Marquee office arranged behind the Shiva Shrine. The Temple clerics do the Vedic customs. Likewise, encourage other private capacities like birthday festivities (Ayushya Homam, Sashtiapthapoorthi), Homams, and Rituals performed by different Hindu strict gatherings. The family works like Engagement function, gatherings, and so forth at the office. 

Located at: Temple Road, Helensburgh, NSW 2508, Australia 

Timings: All Days – 8 am to 12 Noon, and 4 pm to 8 pm
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4. Minto Mandir

Established in 1991, the famous Shri Shiva Mandir is an undeniable and useful non-benefit foundation that runs after the instructive and strict improvement and advancement of the general public. Viewed as the prestigious Shiva temple in Sydney, it is determined to a huge span of land that extends up to five sections of land at Minto in Sydney. Set on a tremendous land scope at Minto, Minto mandir’s managing divinity is Lord Shiva, perhaps the most revered divine beings in Hinduism. 

Getting hitched in one of the most seasoned Hindu sacred place in Sydney adds to the service’s holiness and devoutness. The Hindu clerics direct the wedding and do Vedic ceremonies while you get married. The accomplished and qualified ministers at Minto Mandir offer a wide range of otherworldly and strict administrations as per the sacred writings. 

This is one of the Hindu sacred place in Sydney, bound to satisfy the connoisseur in you. Different gods revered in the temple are Lord Muruga, Ram-Sita-Laxman, Radha-Krishna, Lord Ganesha, Nandikeshwara, Navagrahas, and Hanuman. The temple offers a good parking spot and simple access. It’s a lot simpler to benefit from a parking spot. 

Located at: 201 Eagleview Rd, Minto NSW 2566, Australia 

Timings: Monday to Friday – 8 am to 12 Noon, and 4 pm to 8 pm; 

Weekends and Public Holidays – 8 am to 8 pm 
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5. Mukti Gupteshwar Mandir

The mandir offers many opportunities for Hindu weddings with as low as 50 visitors to a limit of 500 visitors. Both the connecting mandap and forecourt can be decorated as you wish. The temple can likewise be decorated differently to make your big day devout and amiable for you and your friends and family. Scene enrichment, mandap embellishment, unadulterated vegan food catering are a portion of the offices that you can benefit from the temple. 

The extensive forecourt with the bordering temple can oblige up to 500 visitors and similarly ideal for private or medium-sized weddings. The temple offers nearby vehicles leaving the office for a limit of 150 vehicles. Relish a relationship for a lifetime by getting hitched at Mukti Gupteshwar temple, while the certified Hindu ministers will manage your wedding. 

Located at: 203 Eagleview Road, Minto NSW 2566, Australia 

Timings: 10 am to 12 pm and 5 pm to 7 pm (Monday to Friday) 

10 am to 7 pm (Saturday and Sunday) 
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6. Hare Krishna Temple

With pleasant scenery, the quiet climate where the hints of serenades fill the air, this is the ideal wedding objective to get hitched. The people group corridor bordering the temple is prepared to have two Weddings and gatherings, with a limit of 500 visitors. 

The temple offers food cooking, whereby you can delight your visitors with acceptable Indian dishes arranged simply by sourcing plant-based fixings. The unadulterated vegan dishes are set up by the temple’s cooks, sourcing just real fixings. 

Lord Gopinath and Goddess Radha’s icon, the inward quietness, and underlying excellence make it one more stupendous objective for weddings. A contracted type of International Society for Krishna Consciousness, the ISKCON Temple Sydney is a critical piece of the overall relationship of the adherents of Krsna. Otherwise called the Supreme Personality of Godhead, explorers from the whole way across the world result in these present circumstances to look for gifts, appreciate the multifaceted insides, and relish the tasty veggie lover feast. 

Located at: 180 Falcon Street, North Sydney NSW 2060, Australia 

Timing: 4:30 am to 9:30 pm 
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7. Durga Temple, Regents Park Temple

Better known as Sydney Durga Temple, the temple is principally committed to Goddess Durga, the epitome of Goddess Parvati, who protects her lover’s underhanded forces. Standing tall in Regents park of NSW, The symbol of Goddess Durga, the hallowed places of Lakshmi and Saraswathi, the internal primary quietness and serenity make it simply the ideal wedding objective to get married. 

Go with Sydney Durga Temple and pick between their wedding lobby or instructive corridor. The Sydney Durga wedding lobby is the ideal spot if you have less than 800 visitors, where you can benefit from seats, tables, scenery, lighting, table loots, and significantly more. Appointments are engaged with at least 400 visitors at the Educational corridor, where you can make appointments, wedding enrichment bundles, and arrangements just by enquiring at the temple. 

Located at: 21 Rose Crescent, Regents Park, NSW 2143, Australia 

Timings: 7 am to 9 pm
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8. Shree Swaminarayan Temple

Lord Swaminarayan turns out to be perhaps the most celebrated Hindu divinities, and it’s the same in the place where there are Aussies as well! Set in Kings park of New South Wales, lovers from everywhere Sydney run to this temple to look for the favors of the primary divinities Shree Swaminarayan and Guru Parampara. 

A temple exclusively committed to Shree Swaminarayan, this is an excellent illustration of wonderful Nagara design. Who would not like to praise their enormous day in this design wonder? The temple corridor is accessible for your D-day, and you can benefit from the temple’s catering offices. The lobby is prepared to have two Weddings and gatherings, with a limit of 500 visitors. 

Located at: 1-3 Tasha Place, Kings Park NSW 2148 

Timings: 6 am to 10 pm and 4 pm to 8:30 pm (Monday to Friday) 

8 am to 10 pm and 4 pm to 7 pm (Saturday and Sunday) 
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9. Sri Karphaga Vinayakar Temple

Set in Sydney’s core, the temple in itself is out and out gloriousness and heavenly. The managing divinity of this temple is Lord Ganesha, the harbinger of favorable luck and the God that eliminates a wide range of obstructions, for the most part, evoked by Hindu couples for a deterrent-free wedding. 

Weddings hold fast to Hindu strict practices, whereby the Hindu clerics of the Sri Karphaga Vinayakar temple direct the customs. Tying a bunch at this temple that conveys the wonder and rich history, after looking for Lord Ganesha’s favors, can make the service a life-changing undertaking. 

The Vinayaka/Ganesh Chaturthi and Sankara Hara Chaturthi that falls on consistently was commended and an uncommon occasion coming full circle in the Vinayakar/Ganesh Chathurthi of Avani, which month of August/September was the greatest festival of the year. Following this, the Hindu schedule’s uncommon days, as Navarathri, Skanthashashti, Thiruvembavai, Deepavali/Diwali, Shiv Rathri, Tamil, and English New Year, were additionally celebrated with incredible power. 

The Divine Grace of the Karphaga Vinayakar is being felt by numerous, and there is a flood of commitment and backing from the general population. Volunteers assemble to do the temple errands like building up a nursery around the temple and cleaning the temple, and so on. Each Friday, Kootu Praarthanai by the enthusiasts and volunteers occur with a ton of energy. Social occasions, tough conversations, and music presentations occur routinely. 

Located at: 123 The Crescent, Homebush West, NSW 2140, Australia 

Timings: 7am to 12pm and 4:30pm to 8pm 
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10. BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Temple

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Temple, situated in Rosehill, is peaceful and grand by its own doing. BAPS – a shortened type of the first Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha, is one of the acclaimed sacred place in Sydney that is profoundly established in the lessons of Vedas. Set up by the incomparable Shastriji Maharaj in 1907, this socio-profound Hindu association has its branches everywhere globally. It is a fascination that isn’t to be missed at all when in Sydney. 

In Sydney, the Hindu sacred place exhibit Hindu god figures, for example, the significant divinity Shri Swaminarayan and Guru parampara and outrageous in quiet and ethereal vibe, only more than wonderful to get hitched. Even though set in Sydney, Russians getting hitched in the temple may feel as though they’re in India itself. 

Other than Shri Swaminarayan, you can bring out Shri Krishna’s endowments, Goddess Parvati, Goddess Radha, Lord Ganesha, Lord Hanuman, Lord Shiva, Lord Ram while you get married. 

The Hindu sacred place in Sydney offer free parking spots. 

Located at: 40 Eleanor Street, Rosehill NSW 2142, Australia 

Timings: 7 am to 11:30 am and 4 pm to 8 pm 
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11. Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Regents Park

Located in Regents Park, New South Wales, Sai baba temple graces Regents park with its heavenly presence. The temple is devoted to Shirdi Sai Baba or Sai baba of Shirdi, an Indian otherworldly expert. So you don’t need to reconsider before getting hitched in the residence of Sai Baba. 

Sai temple has a profound emanation and much eminent for its serene air, simply making it amazing to have an exotic marriage. The temple offers recently developed parking, where the temple volunteers or security workforce will manage you. Guests are coordinated to adhere to the guidelines of the workforce appointed. 

Located at: 25 Rose sickle, Regents Park, NSW-2143 

Timing: 5pm to 8pm(Monday to Friday) 

10am to 1pm and 5pm to 8pm(Saturday and Sunday)
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12. Sydney Shakti Temple

Sydney Shakti Temple, set in Toongabbie, is another superb setting for auspicious events. The consecrated holy place is following the standards and lessons of Hinduism. This is the ideal setting for an event so extraordinary for couples who are significantly aligned with God’s association arrangement. The temple houses gods like Shakti and the navagrahas. Various couples have actualized their wedding dreams in the temple and on its grounds to date. The parking spot is accessible simply behind the Sydney Shakti temple on Chircan road. 

Located at: 271 Old Windsor Road, Old Toongabbie, NSW 2146, Australia 

Timing: 6:30 am to 8 am and 6 pm to 8 pm (Monday to Friday) 

6 am to 12 pm and 6 pm to 8 pm (Saturday and Sunday) 
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13. Sri Swami Narayan Mandir, Blacktown

The temple began as a dream by His Holiness Acharya Maharaj Shree TejendraPrasadji Maharaj. He shared his craving to one day set up a temple for enthusiasts from the Swaminarayan partnership, however, any individual who wanted a superior otherworldly future.

 The vision has become a reality through interminable difficult work, commitment, and caring pride by enthusiasts in Sydney to guarantee His Holiness’ vision turns into a reality. 

The temple will bring enthusiasts from varying backgrounds to encounter Hinduism’s wealth and the limitlessness of the Swaminarayan confidence, with all its practice. The temple will be a spot for the youthful to guarantee their social legacy is maintained and for the more senior individuals from the local area to come and supplication together. 

Located at: Unit 1, 44 Bessemer Street, Blacktown, New South Wales – 2148 

Timings: Monday to Sunday – 7:00 am to 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm
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