Strawberry Fields

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Strawberry Fields was founded in 2009 by a trio of young dreamers. With less than 1,000 attending the inaugural three day event in East Gippsland, Strawberry Fields has now grown to attract 10,000 patrons from across the globe and has solidified its reputation as one of Australia’s best known art, music & camping festivals. After a decade at various venues surrounding Tocumwal, the festival now takes place each summer at its permanent home “The Wildlands” – a 300ha private property only 15 minutes from Tocumwal township, featuring  over 1km of direct frontage to the iconic Murray River.


The festival Gates open Friday at 12:00pm, early access is available from Thursday 12:00pm for those who have purchased an Early Access Vehicle pass – please note these are limited so we suggest you buy early. No entry will be permitted before these times. 

We advise those wishing to avoid waiting in long lines to enter prior to 3pm or after 7pm on Friday.

Gates to the festival are only open during the following hours:

There is strictly NO entry or Pass Outs outside of these times.  These times are non-negotiable, plan your trip carefully to arrive within them or risk being locked out.

A valid ticket MUST be presented, along with an official ID (driver’s license, Key Pass, Proof of Age, passport, etc.) to gain entry to Strawberry Fields. Please note there will be limited phone signals on-site so have your ticket printed or saved on your phone.

Management retains the right at all times to refuse entry.

To truly understand Strawberry Fields, one must P-A-R-T-I-C-I-P-A-T-E. Participate in the culture of Strawberry Fields by upholding the principle of mutual respect, treating your fellow patrons as friends you haven’t got to know yet, and keeping an open mind. We want you to experience complete freedom but that does not include the freedom to disrespect others in this community or yourself.

Local Tickets

If you are a resident of the Berrigan Shire, show your driver’s license confirming your address and you can purchase a half price ticket at the Gates. These tickets are priced at $180. Bring cash dollars (sufficient funds) to cover the cost of your ticket as there are no ATM/EFTPOS facilities available at the gate.

Private Charter Buses & Taxis

If you don’t want to drive or take the official SF Bus, you might want to get together with some friends to hire a private charter bus. If you are doing this, make sure you read the below info carefully.

DROP OFF – Private Charter Buses will be allowed into the festival to drop you at the dedicated SF Charter Bus stop. The driver must leave the site immediately after dropping you off. All Private Charter Bus drivers will be required to provide their driving license on entry to the festival site, which will be returned to them as they leave. All Private Charter Buses are required to have a Private Charter Bus pass. Private Charter Buses can not freely drive around and drop/ collect you from the campsites, they can only go to the designated bus stop for safety reasons.

PICK UP –  Private Charter bus arriving to pick up patrons on the Sunday or Monday will be directed to the on site Private Charter Bus Stop. YOU MUST tell your party and your hire company to meet you for pickup at the designated bus stop (see SiteMap to be released closer to the event). Do not expect your driver to pick you up from your campsite – private companies often do not send the same driver for pickup and drop off, and even if it is the same driver they are unlikely to remember where you have camped. Make sure you are at the Private Charter Bus Stop and ready to meet them at the designated time you have booked. Our staff will not be able to support you for missing your private charter.

Vehicle passes need to be shown by Taxi’s to enter for collection on Sunday/ Monday – make sure your driver is aware of this and you provide this to the company in advance.